Shall I laugh or cry… the 2018th – Good Bye

That was The Year. One day am able to talk, to write, to discuss it more. For now mentioning just 2 seconds of 2018 – The Kiss of Death and The Kiss of Life – is more then enough. Each of the events deserves a tale, a story, a poem, a novel, a song, an opera, a book, a film… Just – THESE ARE TWO MOMENTS OF LAST BECAME THE QUINTESSENCE OF MY LIFE. I am still trying ti find Inner Peace with both of the experiences. Gratefull for experiencing both of them as they represent what Life is all about: all the pain from the loss and the end and the new beginnings,  starting it all from scratch, slowly coming back to the feeling of Love of Life, Glory of God, Perfect Joy. THANKS TO ALL LOVELY PEOPLE AND ALL THE ANGELS WHO DID SUPPORT ME ON THE UNBELIEVABLE LIFE JOURNEY THROUGH 2018 as well as before that. GOD BLESS. AND LET’s MOVE ON TO…

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