It’s time to MOVE ON to the 2019th. It’s time to go to The Sun.

  Of course every year is special. Personally I am going to celebrate my perfect 7*7 =49 years every moment I am alive … until my next birthday, of course. Not a big deal, somebody can say. Not the case for me. Beside losing my dear husband Mr L, other relatives and dear friends in the 2018th, on November the 29th my classmate Valentina died in car crash, together with her husband. She was 3 months younger them myself.  I am very in pain because of this loss as it have occurred Valentina was not happy in her marriage, in her relationship. THAT IS EVEN MORE SAD THAN THE FACT OF HER DEATH. I am going to dedicate the post to her when the right words about that wonderful person will arrive. Valentina was 49 years old. And forever she will be.

  And I am going to celebrate every day of being 49 while I have it. My New Year Resolution – to walk every day during its Golden Hour and to find the Perfect Joy of the Day; to share  with Life what I do like about it, what do I love about people, what lessons have I learnt, everything that brings me Joy. Just because it’s like happiness, like a kiss – you need somebody to share it.

  Clever people say that we have moved from the year of the Dark Moon to the Year of THE JOYFUL SUN. And the SunFlower is the symbol of the year. Let’s go to find Sunflowers in January…  Let’s go to the Sun. Let’s celebrate it’s shine.  Let’s move on to the NEW Year.

  ABBA’s song has appeared on the background while am writing all these words …Now the Time for us to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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