SPASIBA!!! 2 years of my blog :)

I do remember the way it started all of a sudden from an impulse of the very deep feeling of sadness on the Saturday night September the 30th 2017. I was ironing at home and something made me to put out everything, absolutely everything aside and just to start a blog. Here we are. After all this time being “a blogger” the one thing is certain: it did save my life, mental health, may be physical health, I don’t know. What I know for sure this very little daily routine did help me and is still helping in recovering, coming back to life after losing Amore my dear husband Mr Lawson a few months after that September evening. From time to time I did tell my husband while he was alive  that  I would like to write my blog; had no idea what about. It turned out to be about Heaven’s creatures, sometimes just reposting what I find interesting in Life from other sources, sometimes I do write about how I feel. My Mr Lawson is The Star now, yes, he has his personal Star and he is The Boss there, even The Big Prince probably, I don’t know. What I do know he does follow my blog, he does read it, and he likes it. That is how we do communicate now. And it helps to both of us to deal with what happened then in February 2018, being in the different realities of the BeIng in this Universe. We do still belong to one and the same Universe just in its different versions, that’s how I do explain  all experience after the mourning.  I do dare to hope that my posts do help to someone else in this blogosphere, in this “real” world. As we all do share our thoughts, creativities, believes, activities and visions with each other. And from time to time I do come across here for somebodies’ – not mine –  right words, describing MY feelings or doubts, or joy. Yes, JOY, as from time to time The JOY of LIFE DOES come back to my heart, which for quite a while was only the space for pain, sorrow, grief and mourning. I do read some of the posts of different bloggers here and there and do feel the warmth of the candles of light and love shining in different hearts around this globe and above it in the hearts of people who are writing, composing, choosing the words and pictures, sharing their – OUR experiences of the moments of OUR lives. And very often it  makes a big difference to me, as well as your attention and “likes” and  comments. I do appreciate that, really do. It makes all the difference actually, as what that means is YOU NEVER WALK ALONE, exactly the words of the song which was playing  when I started to create this blog two years ago. I am not alone, indeed, what is more, look, that what came out today when I was preparing to write this blog post, look at this picture:


yes, YOU ARE LOVED, me too, by the way ))). By whom? Let’s meet here in a year from now. May be I will have an answer then )))


Very special thanks go to Bari.

Have a blessed rest of this year.

Yours AnamChara LOVe.



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