Saint Michael’s day

Christmas goose to choose according to the English tradition.

Festive season preparations begin 🙂

PS… these were quite the months… nine months of 2019. And it happened so I had to write about all the activities which were done so far this year to my international projects partners by September the 17th by the request of one of them. And I did like both – the list and the actual “activities”. Still there are some projects ahead which have to be done pretty soon. I can’t say that am feeling exhausted, not really; still kind of routine feeling sits comfortably somewhere on the background of the mind. Here comes English Saint Michael’s day with its old tradition of choosing the right goose for Christmas. Not sure that The actual Christmas pudding also has to be on the minds from that particular day: it has to be “composed” long time before the festivities to be ready for The Feast. Still Saint Michael’s brings this kind of second breath into the rest of the year and the air of not so distant from now Christmas festivities. The  work still has to be done; just we can allow ourselves this magical breaks from daily routine to think about Christmas, start choosing the cards, the presents, the holidays, when and where, with whom. I did experienced Russian, Italian and British Christmas traditions, spent it with family, friends and being totally alone last year, “all by myself”.  And every Christmas time is pure magic, heart’s delight, whatever life situations is. It is less then three months from now – just the right time to keep it in mind. As for me, no chosen goose yet; did indulge myself with the first minced pie though… UM … delicious. Like Nigela lawson says ;)))


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