Day of Healing, Greater Protection,Truth, Justice. Let it be. Amen!

День Исцеления, Великой Защиты, Правды, Справедливости. Да будет так. Аминь!

Архангел Рафаил, Принцы Камаэл и Зафкиэл, Сила Йехуиах, Престол Калиэл. Аминь!

Archangel Raphael, Princes Camael and Zaphkiel, The Power Yehuiah, The Throne Caliel. Amen!

PS oh yes, Healing, definitely: do feel much better about my life story. Can see the logic of the events, of all the timings, of all the meetings or just “loneliness”.

Greater Protection – yes, to come to this point in life, one have to be Greater Protected.

Truth – do agree wit the Truth of Life, do accept it. And the Justice – have to learn to make Peace with the Justice of Life.

Let it be. Amen! One more wonderful day : coffee, chocolate, Coventry – Volgograd projects… What can be better?


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