@Coventry Coffee #1p

via @Coventry Coffee #1

When you have just moved to Coventry and have the very strong connection with Volgograd/Stalingrad one more sign of these two cities twinning story is like the sign from God. Have passed near this Coffee place hundreds of times over more the 8 years in England now; decided to get in for the first time as have to wait for my train to visit Manningtree for more then an hour; was reading all the nice quotes and studying all the painted people on the walls while waiting to order my Spiced Chai; than had to chose the place to sit and wait…when have noticed one more – the last picture – of Motherland from my home town of Volgograd. And it feels like one more – not even the reminder, The Order to write about Coventry & Volgograd special relationship from now on. Do feel even strongly then before that have to tell and/or remind the world once again about the remarkable story of War and Peace of the 20th century, about the people who created the Commonwealth of Twin Cities for us, who were the Peaceful Warriors for more then 75 years and do continue to contribute their efforts for all of us to live in Peace, at least here in Europe. What a start of my second week in Coventry. To be continued… God bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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