Zlata Praga amazed me with music…

… to be continued…

19.02.2019 Waiting for the flight from Prague. Have time for some thoughts. It’s my third time is the most mysterious place in Europe.

First one was in summer 1982, after I won the competition “Checkoslovakia – the country of friends”. I traveled with the group of schoolchildren from Tractorbuilding plant and the a few others winners of the competition. It was the socialist experience.

Then we met there with my friend in autumn 2004; a half of the year The Check Republic joined the EU. It was the very capitalist experience. I didn’t know I was pregnant then; just I have lost that child. That was the tragic experience as well as after Prague nothing was right for me back home and I had to leave for new life experience in Europe, in the EU in 2006.

And now it’s Prague 2019. It happened unexpectedly as the idea of my sister to meet here with my niece and God daughter Victoria; it coincided with the 1st anniversary of the “departure” to the eternal world of my dear Mr Lawson. Everything is different in my world now: I am Russian, British, the EU citizen; the USSR has collapsed since then and the Brexit is happening in a few weeks time.

It is real Divine magic the meeting in this kind format; just … it’s WonderFull. Thanks, Life!

And the music of Prague – everywhere – in the streets, cafes, restaurants, shops – just followed or created ? this special mood of the moment.

Bach moment was the best. Was listening to THAT particular piece during the whole Christmas. And to hear it playing live at Prajsky Grad was like having a date with My Dear Mr L. God bless him. I have burst into tears. It was exactly a year since our last day together; I did feel how much I miss him; how totally he had changed my life…And then Magic happened: I started to celebrate his Life and that amount of years he lived that was enough for him. I have got that wonderful feeling of our amazing story which have turned me into real LOVe actually, have presented me an outstanding life experience of 21 years and 10 years of being a good company, life partner and wife for Mr Lawson. And now I just have and am able to share it.

It coincides with me passing 7 periods of 7 years making it magical 49.

Let the story begin then. My Nobel Prize Winning Book. Wouldn’t be surprised if this time The Blog Book is going really to work out.

PS the other magic of the moment is DeSiRred …that’s the way I was trying to feel for so long… Thanks, Life 😎😇🐶

Prague play list includes:

We are the world

From Sarah with love

Touch by touch

And all of the disco of the 80s

Carel Got

The morden version of the Dounds of Music in the New Yorker…

Etc etc etc… to be continued.

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