Celebrating Mr Lawson’s Life…

… at Aphrodite’s Rock 😎👏💕

  Last year Mr Ian Lawson has got an idea of renting villa on Cyprus for three weeks in September: one week just for us, one week for my Russian family and one week for his UK children and grandchildren.

 Mr L was in Cyprus before: in 1966-1969 his Father worked for Royal Air Force base here and Ian considered those years as the best time of his life. He did not want to be back for not to spoil memories. Just in 2017 he was invited to make a programme for Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Cyprus there and we spend a week near the only village on the island where Greeks and Turks live together, despite the division line.

 The division line between Life and Eternity – that is the experience from our visit to Cyprus this time.

 It happened to be a memory trip, a tribute to Mr L’s Life, realisations of his dream – being busy doing nothing – just walking on the beach, sitting near the pool and watching at the starts. I decided to go just for a week despite all the pain of the situation and that occurred to be the right thing to do and have turned into the tribute of our Russian family and friends to a Wonderful Man, whose talent was “just” to communicate with people brining out the best in them, us, actually.

He managed to unite us together, which reminded me about our small family reunion in Gagra on the Black Sea in my grand parents house there in 1977. It happened to be with my Uncle Gennady and Aunt Lyudmila (R.I.P now) and their neighbour with her daughter of my age then. This year it was the reunion with Anna, my cousin, Gennady and Ludmilla’s daughter, Veronica, Anna’s niece and my sister Irina. We were joined by Anna’s and my friends Tatiana and Inna from Volgograd and Minsk/ Moscow.

It was a week filled with all kinds of emotions – at the beginning I had no idea where to go and what to do – and everything turn out just right:

the bus trip to Paphos and Tiramisu with Cyprus coffee at the terminal point in the centre of the town;

the bus to the Coral bay and finding the villa… Mamma Mia… here we go again… it really was like being on the set in a film experience (AGAIN!!!): walking with MR L’s black travel bag with mobile satnav via Irish Pub and disco music, then people  eating the Sunday roast (very British) and “That is the way to Amarillo”…finally got there to our villa. Even managed to get the keys from the special key box system by myself;

when entered have sent the message to my brother – here I am alone at Ian’s dream – place in Cyprus… and got practically an immediate supportive reply: “will send you the plum jam from our dacha in Volgograd with our sister”… ( from our family to your family – these became like a refrain  of the week with the very special meaning “you are not alone”);

was going to share a tear while opening all the windows for some fresh air when noticed a car approached the house and… yes that was Tatiana, our dear friend from Volgograd with whom we have a lot of memories to share about Mr Lawson;

then my sister came, and my cousin with her gang… and we swam, and we talked, and we travelled, and we had a rest, and we read, and discussed some matters … and Mr L was among us … being the wave in the sea, the star in the sky, the taste of Saint Panteliemon ( his Mum’s Barbara favourite vine, one bottle of which he bought at the airport last year and which he opened a few hours before his “departure” in February ) and mousaka in The Very Greek Taverna in Paphos ( the dish he decided to cook  and did it well on that February the 17th Saturday evening), in “Where are you going my lovely”, which was our favorite to listen in the car while travelling in Italy. the sounds of “Alleluia” on the background…”What a wonderful world” … Indeed ( This last song was played at his funerals).

The best celebration of Ian’s Life was at Aphrodite’s beach – he loved women and women loved Mr L, oh yes that was the very special occasion 😎

And then after all these another final experience in Larnaca at Saint Lazarus Church. I lit the candle for him, went downstair to the Cript, wondering where the resurrection of just a man is really possible; coming out and traveling back home have realised that I really do feel Ian’s Resurrection and Ascension: as since the moment his hearts stopped I had the very strong feeling of his presence; he has became the very special vibration in the air and I did feel he was not at peace. After Saint Lazarus experience my heart has lightened; realisation came that Ian has become his authentic self, he essence has developed into his unique soul vibration, something very special only his soul “was designed” to produce into this world while being alive or not. The Man had turned away from his personal ego to his Universal true self and may be even acceptance of God or Something Divine. I do strongly feel that Mr L can rest in peace in Heaven from now on forever.

Thank you, Amore, for this very special experience as well, which is an important part of my life now.


R.I.P., Mr L.






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