2017/2 British Citizenship

Mamma Mia taught me the English words -one, two, three… red, orange, rose… on the way to and from the kindergarten. Then it was the special English language school (one of five then in the Soviet Volgograd). Then the English & Russian language department at the Volgograd State University.

What is more important I was the member first, and the President later, of both Clubs of International Friendships at School and in the Pioneers Palace of Volgograd. Yes, there was such a Palace. Great, that has been restored as the Youth Center nowadays.

From time to time I had to miss school classes to be able to participate in the meetings with foreign delegations, Bisiting hero City of Volgograd. Most memorable were meetings with Lord Mayor of Coventry ( in this case I didn’t feel guilty of messing school as it was like the real English language practice).

Years has passed… now I have met several Lord Mayors of Coventry in their office; made the film about history of Coventry Volgograd/Stalingrad twinning for Omsk TV company.

What is more on May the 31st 2017 I became the British Citizen. Just to mention the fact that i was rejected British Tourist visa in 2006. Now its obvious why: receiving the British passport for me is like getting the OBE: it was like the silent recognition of my “twinning” activity.

How do I feel about being both Russian and British Citizen? Like the Bird with two wings. I can fly now. At least I am learning to fly.

Else I do feel like Alena Rosa in Angels’ English Garden 🌹

Let it be. Amen 🙏


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