2018/49: Date with the Death and with the Feather on the wall.

Having experienced witnessing the deaths before; they were lives or too short to grieve long, or long lived lives with short grieving. Just because 40 days of mourning helped to understand, to realise, to feel the wonder and The worthiness of the lives just finished.

The date with death this February was short. 10? 20? 30 seconds… and that’s it. Done.

You see the body laying on the floor and feel the presence of the soul in the room, in the house, in The Universe. He is here… he had not gone…how do doctors do not understand?

Than suddenly you do realise: that is how it is going to be forever now: his body and his soul are separated. That is the new reality. You think your soul is also going there to meet death. Nothing of the kind. Your soul travels in the depths of the ocean of emotions… sorrow? Not at the beginning. You just reach the bottom of the Ocean of all emotions… then you are going up to it’s surface. Just trying to breath… during this spiritual journey you automatically deal with all the practical things which need to be done… doctors, relatives, police, coroner, … other relatives … His body is out of the house; The Soul is still here like it is going to be for many many days after that. He is also trying to make sense of this all: his traditional question is in the air: What’s the hell going on? Yours traditional answer is : it’s your Paradise Darling. And this time You are going to Paradise actually. It is the Forgiven Sunday and you are forgiven. Go to your Paradise and enjoy it. Leave me alone…after all these 10?20?30 seconds which had happened that night… just leave me alone … I need to breath… please…

Suddenly you do realise you are alone now in the feeling that soul which just having crossed the border line between this and the other existences … you are alone …and you are not. He tries to reach you. He is shouting in silence: I am here ! Look at me… I am here now…!

It feels like a scene from the book or a film… it is our reality from now on though. Communication through thoughts, feelings, vibrations, signs, symbols, clouds, flowers, music and films, all the memories, all the photos, all the people we were meeting together. We are still meeting them all: I am here on Earth, and you are there in Heaven 🙏

You are the essence of my everyday Life as before… and I do miss your voice, your touch, your presence. And I do still feel it all.

And I do need to talk… that’s why I am writing to you Darling. I know you do understand. I know you will reply to me, you will send me a message…

So grateful for your care, your spiritual presence, your understanding and love … lots of love… Oceans of Love… the Universe of Love.

That what the date with the death was all about, now I do really understand. You are now surrounded by the Universe of Love, where nothing can distract you from admiring beauty of life and love. I do feel you are trying to reach us to tell: look, look, look, look…do feel life is beautiful, stop grieving, please. Do live your life, do love and feel it here and now… and just remember that any moment you too can be transferred to the Universe of Love … or the black hole of hate. It depends on your choices right here right now. You can and you have to make a difference to someone. Somebody needs you and your love. Just SMILE 😎

The Feather on the wall ToDay 🕊

Amore yours forever ❤️

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