Pursuit… Butterflies… Happiness …❤️

Today is the USA Independence (from Britain) Day. The most fascinating “things” about the event for me are the words of the Declaration of Independence: each man has the right … to the “pursuit of Happiness”… Do hope that is what the American people do really experience there.

Was thinking about it at some point today, sending greetings to the Americans I know in New England from our sunny English garden. Looking through some magazines got surrounded by the word…

Pursuit of Butterflies first, and just the word PURSUIT …

Of … what now?🤔

Not thinking about Americans any more 😶


… the pursuit of LOVE??? Not again 😳

Need not to pursuit butterflies, happiness, Love anymore.

They all are here in this garden, in the this ❤️

During this personal Life journey I have become love…





Let it be.



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