The Bear of Manningtree –

– is the souvenir of today.

The Small Bear – is Mr Lawson’s childhood bear. And The Big Bear I got today at the Chapel of rest of the Funeral Bureau in Manningtree, where my Husband is now until his funerals on Monday. It symbolizes his interest in Russia and the end of his life cycle. And it resembles his very special and gentle attitude for Life and people. The starfish is also from the place where Mr Lawson is now: today is the 8th anniversary of his/our business Leadership Works Ltd.

And the bed with bedclothes are the same as it was when he died. The Bears are guarding the place of his transition from one world into another.

We are coming into this world from somewhere to live and to depart to eternity to suffer or to love.

” Love is to suffer; suffer is to love” , like Woody Allen’s character says in “Love and Death”. And that is a quite another story 🕯🕯

PS 🇬🇧tie is Mr Lawson’s own, as well as the heart💖


  1. Memories are simply take us back in the past. Past is the best teacher to settle future disputes, may be a cause of action in any way, and to help us to survive on better footings. Here a bear is just a symbol of past memories with a lesson for the future generation. Best of luck. Keep up.

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  2. This very sad Life experience highlights the beauty of human nature: attention, kindness, sympathy. Thank you, dear friends 🙏


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