From souvenir to souvenir I live…

… since my husband died 3 weeks ago now 😢😢😢. The attention of people – family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, business partners – he liked and took care of helps me to Keep calm & Carry on & on & on. And… the wonderful feeling that our love does go on & on & on. As I remember him singing ” from sououveniiir to sououveniiir Iii liveeee…”; I am singing it practically every day have noticed something sweet which brings back memories of our time together; somehow My Husband Mr Lawson manages even to create the new experiences based on these memories. And surprisingly they ARE joyful, full of JOY I mean it.

The souvenir of today is the trip to Cambridge; the date was suggested by him a month ago. He couldn’t make it; and my niece Victoria & I managed it. That was full of British fun: the trains, Fitzwilliam Museum, a walk along the river Cam, Bridge crossings, 5 o’clock with apple crumble at the “Senate” cafe and … the candle to Mr Lawson’s Memory at Saint Mary. Then The Lawson’s Gallery straight opposite the King’s College – the sign of his approval & actual presence in that moment, raining cats and dogs on the way home… everything is for luck. And for Love. Lucky we are – living from a sign to sign, from souvenir to souvenir of Love Love Love now 💕❤️💖😎😍

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