You never walk alone. Thank you. I Love You.

At the beginning of this blog was the Word…Press.

British Saints & Angels need me. Слава Богу!

PS It was a Saturday night; I was ironing, watching “Strictly come dancing”, still – feeling pretty lonely (my husband had dinner in town with his children). For no particular reason I have turned the notebook on and this picture of Jesus appeared on the screen. At the same time there was “You never walk alone” song and dance on the TV screen. It was the magical moment. There were loneliness no more.

  I decided to write about this tiny miracle and found another one: it appeared, the WordPress has Bari decoration theme for the blog. So this page was immediately created.

To cheer other people up 🙂

18.10.2018 It occurred to become the blog to cheer up not only the other people, and myself first of all. Now I can recognise the sadness of that September 2017 evening. It has become my company since my dear husband Mr Lawson died? passed away… has turned into The Angel of Manningtree. Yes, that how it feels now, when I came back from my home city of Volgograd, where we met in June 1997. 21 happy years, which  taught me to love. Which have turned me into LOVe – L.awson O.lga V.ladimirovna

P.S.S as I was updating this post, Mr Lawson’s favourite butterfly sat down on the window of his office. What else can I add…Thank you I love you. Your LOVe xxx

30.09.2019 SPASIBA for 2 years and ASK LOVe!!!

images-3 images-2

If you don’t know what to do, go to the SUN. 03.06.1997


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