Day of Power, Wisdom, Serenity, Success, Promotion. Let it be. Amen 🙏

День Могущества, Мудрости, Спокойствия, Успеха, Продвижения. Да будет так. Аминь 🙏

Архангел Михаил, Принцы Зафкиел и Рафаил, Престол Нитаниах, Власть Сехалиах. Аминь 🙏

Archangel Michael, Princes Zaphkiel and Raphael, Throne Nithaniah, Virtue Sehaliah. Amen 🙏

35 лет назад начала работать токарем в цехе ПНП ВГТЗ.

The UK is coming out of the lockdown: everything is different for me: when lockdown started in March 2019 I did not know about Saint Nicholas flat in Coventry, did not know most of the people in twin cities projects. It is like Alice in Wonderland experience ))) Loving it )))))

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