Day of Blessings, Illumination, Harvest, Benediction. Let it be. Amen 🙏

День Благословений, Иллюминации, Урожая, Благоволения. Да будет так. Аминь 🙏

Архангел Варахииле, Принцы Задкиэл и Метатрон, Господство Лекабел, Серафим Кахетел. Аминь 🙏

Archangel Varahiile, Princes Zadkiel and Metatron, The Domination Lecabel, Seraphim Cahetel. Amen 🙏

PS wearing the Alice dress have sold The House to Alice; so pleased that 3 families of friends do live so close to each other. Amen 🙏

PSS walking along the Harwich beach thinking about The Walk on Miseno beach in July / August of 2007.

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