Day of Blessings, Re- Establishment, Healing Link, Joy, Help. Let it be. Amen 🙏

День Благословений, Вос-Становления, Исцеляющего Звена, РаДости, Помощи. Да будет так. Аминь 🙏

Архангел Варахииле, Принцы Зафкиэл и Камаэл, Престол Мелахел, Сила Йейазел. Да будет так. Аминь 🙏

Archangel Varahiile, Princes Zaphkiel and Camael, The Throne Melahel, Power Yeiazel. Amen 🙏

PS Visited Trinity Church in the morning and stared at the Brides Glass, Our Lady of Coventry and Phoenix.

Saw the neighbour, a man. Had my chai with Volgograd Motherland; traveled to London, Phoenix.

Came back to Manningtree, went for a shopping and walk, saw Phoenix… Publishing🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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