Day of Fortress, Voice, Truth, Discovery, Attaining Own Ideals. Let it be. Amen 🙏

День Крепости, Голоса, Правды, Открытия, Обретения Собственных Идеалов. Да будет так. Аминь 🙏

Архангел Гаврииле, Принцы Камаел и Рафаэль, Сила Хаамиах, Начало Ариэль. Аминь 🙏

Archangel Gabriel, Princes Camael and Raphael, The Power Haamiah, The Virtue Ariel. Amen 🙏


      1. Hahaha, Anamchara you have caught me off guard. I’m an Indian, I was showing off my few salutations that I learned from some Italian friend, and certainly i didn’t expect you to embarss me, like that. 😂😂😂 You would be a great teacher for me to learn different languages. 😂

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      2. Because the linguists have to know the way different languages were and are developing; the interconnections and influences.


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